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Cake Decorating with Confidence

My 5 top tips for success!

by Julie Rogerson, Cake Confidence Coach™

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro at cake decorating, having a lack of confidence can be a real problem.

But don’t worry – I am here to help!


Follow my 5 TOP TIPS for cake decorating confidence and you will be well on your way to banishing those feelings of self doubt and/or lack of self belief.

TOP TIP 1 – One step at a time to master those cake decorating skills

Don’t rush into a big project when you are lacking in confidence, as this will make it feel like an impossible task. Especially if you are a beginner cake decorator or if you are trying to master a new cake decorating technique.

Instead, try taking on a small part of the project, 1 step at a time.

eg. perfect your crumb coating skills BEFORE trying to master covering with sugar paste / fondant.

TOP TIP 2 – Allow yourself plenty of time

There is nothing worse, when you are lacking in confidence, than to feel rushed and under pressure.

Make sure you allow PLENTY of time, probably at least double the amount you think it will take.

That way, you can relax into it, knowing you have time to re-do things if they don’t go according to plan first time around.

This will take off the pressure and enable you to ENJOY it – after all, cake decorating is a creative activity, and creative activites are supposed to be FUN!

STOP rushing and START enjoying!


TOP TIP 3 – Don’t compare your cake skills to ANYONE else’s!

Cake decorating is a journey, and your skills WILL IMPROVE along the way.

“Practice makes perfect” as they say, but it also takes time.

The cakes you see online, in books, magazines and anywhere else, are made by cake decorators who may be further on in their journey. So comparing yourself to them, who have had more time to perfect their skills, is not going to help you at all.

Instead, compare yourself to yourself, to give you a true picture of your progress (see TOP TIP 4).


TOP TIP 4 – Keep a record of your cake decorating journey

Keep photographs of ALL of your cake decorating projects (including the ones you don’t like!!).

This way, you can look back and see the progress that you have made over the weeks, months and years.

It is more difficult to see from one cake to the next, but over a period of time you will be able to see a real improvement in your cake decorating skills.


TOP TIP 5 – Seek out those who will support you

Find ‘your people’ – those who will support you, lift you and keep you feeling positive.

It is so easy for an unkind comment to undo all your hard work, and leave you feeling rubbish about yourself and your creations.

Try to avoid those who are likely to behave in this way, and find positive people, who will be supportive to you.

You may have a supportive network of friends & family, or maybe an online group of like-minded people.

They will help to keep you moving forward in your journey to cake decorating confidence.


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Hello, I’m Julie – your Cake Confidence Coach™

I am passionate about helping others to develop their skills, love and confidence in cake decorating.

About Julie

You have definitely upped my confidence. The tips you shared and how to get your mindset together really helped me.

I always felt I am not good enough, but you made me believe anything is possible!

Tanja De Barros

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