Learn how to model simple Bride & Groom figures


Do you want to:

→   learn to create cute Bride and Groom cake toppers?

→   save time, making quick cake toppers for customer orders?

→   learn transferable skills for creating other figures?

→   take away your fear of cake modelling?

Tell me, do you: 

⇒   put off making models, because they ‘take too long’ or ‘they don’t turn out right’?

⇒   refuse customer orders with models on, because they are not profitable?

⇒   struggle with the proportions or features when trying to make figures?


I hear you….. because that is EXACTLY how I used to feel too!

(you can read more about this below)


Let me help you turn your FEAR of modelling into a LOVE of modelling!


Introducing my 


Online Bride and Groom Cake Topper tutorials

Simple and quick to make


✔ perfect for beginners to cake modelling/cake decorating

✔ perfect for cake business owners, wanting to maximise profits!

Julie is absolutely brilliant, her teaching is second to none and gives you confidence every step if the way.

Julie’s classes are amazing with everything broken down to achievable pieces and best of all they are recorded so you get to go back over things as many times as you like.

Lesley Probert

Julie makes everything easy to follow and gives alternative options so you don’t have to have lots of fancy tools and equipment.   I have done a couple of online classes and Julie is a fab teacher!

Nicola King

What’s included in this Bride and Groom course:

pdf tutorials

Pre-recorded, step by step video tutorials for each model.

Broken down into bite-sized chunks for easy access.

Pause, re-watch AND skip to any lesson in the tutorial – as often as you like.

(These are NOT FB lives – get straight to watching each lesson)

pdf tutorials

Bonus PDF guide, with full colour photos and instructions for each model

pdf tutorials

Complete breakdown of EXACTLY how much paste (weight in grams) you will need for EVERY part of the model (eg arms, legs, body, head etc).

No more guessing or ‘rough guides’

pdf tutorials

Ongoing access to support from me (& the other students) via a dedicated private FB group

pdf tutorials

A secure online learning platform to access ALL your online courses purchased from me in one place – no need to search through endless FB class groups!!

How much is the Bride and Groom course?



JUST £22 for BOTH figures! 



The Bride and Groom models are sized perfectly to fit on top of a 6″ round cake

However, since you have the weights/measurements of each piece of the models, they are easy to scale up or down to fit other sized cakes!

I have purchased a couple of Julie’s online classes and found them extremely helpful.

If you need any advice no matter how big or small or how silly you think the question is, she always gets back to you quickly.

So thank you Julie you have given me lots more confidence in cake modelling!
Katie Bacon

I really like your way of teaching.

You have a no nonsense, positive attitude, and a very kind way about you.

I am fascinated by how you make all your models

Bláithín Fitzgerald


So, who am I ?

Hi, I’m Julie


Back in 2012, I made my very first modelled cake topper of a cute panda (or at least that is what it was meant to be).

My young daughter took one look at it and laughed.

At the time I laughed it off, but secretly I felt crushed!

I know she wasn’t trying to be mean (she was only a child), but that one comment really dented my confidence, and I almost gave up.

Instead, I decided to learn more about cake modelling.

Over the past decade, I have studied and practised, honing my modelling skills (not to mention gaining confidence) until I got to where I am today – a cake modelling expert (& author), who also teaches cake confidence.

That is why I have developed a range of mini-courses – to teach you how to

model cake toppers AND gain more confidence

Don’t let your fear or worry stop you –  come and join me – together, we can do this!

When it came to modelling I had no clue and didn’t believe I could make any.

Thanks to completing Julie’s courses, I am amazed at some of the models I have produced, and my confidence just keeps growing. Now, instead of thinking I can’t do that, I think mmm I could give that a go.

Julie gives you so many tips and hints and always gets back to you should you ask for advice. I’m so happy now when I produce a model for a cake.

Even though I only do cakes for family and friends the sense of pride and achievement when I receive compliments is unmeasurable.

I have learnt and continue to learn so much from Julie, can’t thank her enough as now my confidence is growing in many areas of life.

Kathy Eaton

Got a question?

Q.I haven't tried cake modelling before - can I do this course?

A. Yes – absolutely!

This Bride and Groom course is suitable for beginners (with no experience) or for those with some experience, who just want to improve.  

All the models are broken down into small stages, with step by step video tutorials. You also get a downloadable PDF for each figure, with step by step colour photographs and written instructions, as well as handy weights and measurements included – so you know exactly how much modelling paste to use for each part.

Q. I don't make wedding cakes - is this course still useful for me?

A. YES! This course will give you a good basic knowlege and skillset for modelling standing people. You can tranfers these skills to other models for any occasion.

For example, changing the colour of the brides dress can easily change her into a princess – perfect for birthday cakes! 

This course is for ANYONE who wants to either take up a new hobby, or creative outlet.

Q. Are these courses just for cake decorators?

A. No – you can use non-edible materials to create these toppers too – such as clay.

These courses are for ANYONE who wants to either take up a new hobby, or creative outlet.

Q. Is this a live online class?

A. No, this online course  made up of pre-recorded videos, with immediate access, giving you the opportunity for really detailed and structured learning, without the distractions you can find in live online tutorials/demos.

Each model is broken down into bite-sized videos for easy access, again and again, in your own time.


Q. Can I access this courses now?


After purchase, you will see a link on the success screen to take you straigtht to the couse (you will also receive an email – please check junk/spam folders). This will take you to set up your account on my online learning platform, and once you are signed in, you can start to watch the tutorials straight away.

If you have purchased online courses from me in the past, your new content will be added to your Dashboard immediately.

Q. How do I watch the course content?

The pre-recorded videos and PDF downloads are all accessed through a dedicated, secure website NOT via social media.

There will be a private FB group, dedicated to those who have purchased these mini-courses.

Links to these will be sent via email after you make your purchase (keep an eye on your spam/junk folders if you can’t see them in your usual inbox).

Q. What if I need help/or don't understand something in the mini-courses?

I will also be available to answer questions in a private FB group (exclusive for paying members of this course only) or via email

I endeavor to respond within 24 hours (often much sooner), but as it is me personally that answers (not an assistant), sometimes it can take a little longer.

Q. How long do I have access to this online course?

A. You will have lifetime access to the course. “Lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the courses and Julie Rogerson Limited. As long as it’s is offered, you will have access to it and any updates. Should the course no longer continue to be hosted on my site, I will let you know, and you will have ample opportunity to download the lessons for your own personal future reference.

Q. Is there an opportunity for 1:1 training?

A. Not within this course , but I am happy to provide 1:1 training calls via Zoom at an additional cost.

If this is something you are interested in, please email me at cakes@juliescakeinabox.co.uk for more information

Q. Can I teach these models?

A. No.

The tutorials/PDF’s in these online courses are for your own use only, and should not be shared with ANYONE ELSE.

You can use these models on your own cakes, as well as on cakes that you sell to others if you are a business.

Julie Rogerson Limited owns the copyright to ALL tutorials in these courses.

Q. What if my question isn't listed here?

A. If you have any other questions, please do get in touch, by emailing me at cakes@juliescakeinabox.co.uk and I will get back to you ASAP.

I took part in one of Julie’s online classes in the spring and I can honestly say I have never looked back!
Julie is such a wonderful, patient teacher, a true professional, and I cannot thank her enough for how she has helped me to grow in confidence and ability.
I never thought that I would be able to make ‘people’ and yet I have created several now, that actually resemble their real life likenesses!
When I noticed how far I had come with Julie’s help was when I was asked to make a Peter Rabbit, I had made one a couple of years ago, and found the photo on my phone to compare- I couldn’t believe the difference.
Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone
Karen Butler

Award winning cake modelling artist

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