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Cake Confidence Club


You LOVE cake decorating AND you want to …

→  take your cake decorating skills to the next level

→  increase your confidence

→  feel calm, focused and inspired

→  connect with supportive, like-minded people

→  have access to a treasure trove of exclusive content

If you answered YES to any (or all) of these, then, the Cake Confidence Club is the place for you!

“Julies’ Cake Confidence Club is innovative in the options available, great tutorials, (we can ask for specific themes) the extras for example matching cup cakes.

The mindful section has been really useful to me personally, using the techniques suggested has helped me focus when stress levels are rising.

Having the social zoom and Q and A zooms helps us feel like a community , Julie is with us every step of the way.”

Anne Hayes

“You have definitely upped my confidence. The tips you shared and how to get your mindset together really helped me.

I always felt I am not good enough, but you made me believe anything is possible!”

Tanja De Barros


What’s inside the Cake Confidence Club?

Full-length cake tutorials

Unleash your creativity with our monthly novelty cake decorating tutorials.

Gain the skills and confidenceto create stunning cake designs that will leave everyone in awe.

Personal Development

Develop a confident, positive and resilient mindset with our monthly tutorials.

Learn techniques to overcome self-doubt, manage stress, and maintain a healthy work-life balance, all while pursuing your cake decorating dreams.

Online community

Join our live monthly Zoom sessions where you can connect with fellow members AND get your burning questions answered.

Plus, exclusive members Facebook group. 

Business tutorials

Take your cake decorating hobby to the next level with our monthly cake business tutorial. Learn the ins and outs of running a successful cake business, from pricing your cakes to marketing strategies that will attract more customers. Perfect for those already with a business, or those thinking of starting one.

Who is the Cake Confidence Club for?

I believe everyone has the potential to create stunning cakes and find joy in the art of cake decorating.

Whether you’re pursuing cake decorating as a hobby or building a business, this membership club offers a range of valuable features to support your journey, helping you to grow both personally and/or professionally.


Beginner cake decorators 

Learn new techniques, tips, and tricks, to take your cake decorating skills to the next level

Hobby cake decorators 

Enhance your creativity and expertise or learn how to turn your passion into a profitable business

Experienced cake decorators

Expand your decorating skills with novelty cake designs and explore new creative possibilities

Professional cake decorators

Learn valuable marketing strategies, pricing tips, and business insights to grow your business

“Fabulous idea as so many people today suffer lack of confidence and anxiety.

The Mindset/Mindfulness part of the club helps you to become happy to just be who you are, taken at face value, with no pressure to perform miracles, just because the client wants it.

You get that confidence boost that you are more than enough and your skills are amazing, even if you have to say no to a client, as what they want is just not your style”


Let’s take a closer look at the features that will empower and support you on your creative journey:

EVERY month you have access to:


A new, full-length cake tutorial.

Filmed in short, bite-size chunks, with clear, step-by-step instructions, to help you with:

  • modelling
  • 2d/3d decorations
  • airbrushing
  • internal structures
  • cake carving

Live monthly Zoom session

Participate in interactive live session where you can:

  • Firstly, ask questions & receive personalized guidance in the Q&A section
  • Connect with fellow cake makers, in the informal ‘Social’ section afterwards

 Note: Q&A part of the session is recorded, so you can watch the replay if you can’t attend live


A NEW Cake business tutorial:

 Learn the ins and outs of running a successful cake business, from pricing your cakes to marketing strategies.

Gain the confidence and knowledge to turn your passion for cake decorating into a thriving and profitable business


A NEW Personal Development tutorial:

Discover powerful mindset techniques and strategies to help you overcome self-doubt, stay motivated, and embrace your unique talents.

Develop a strong and resilient mindset that empowers you to tackle any challenges that come your way and achieve your cake decorating goals.


A NEW Mindfulness activity:

Engage in soothing mindfulness activities designed to help you relax, recharge, and tap into your creative flow, allowing your cake decorating skills to flourish.

Find balance, reduce stress, and enhance your creativity by incorporating mindfulness practices into your cake decorating journey.


A NEW Guided meditation

Immerse yourself in calming guided meditations that will help you clear your mind, enhance your focus, and spark fresh ideas for your cake designs.

Boost your creativity, find inner peace, and bring a renewed sense of calm and clarity to your cake decorating process.

This combination of pre-recorded and live content will be spread out over the month.

So you have something NEW to look forward to EVERY week!

PLUS – you have access to the entire library of past content too

But that’s not all!

Here’s what else you’ll get when you join the Cake Confidence Club


Cake/Cupcake basics

In these tutorials, you will learn the fundamental techniques that form the building blocks of cake and cupcake decorating.

From leveling and stacking your cakes to achieving smooth ganache crumb coat finishes and covering with sugar paste (fondant) to give a professional finish.

You will learn the essential skills needed to create a solid foundation for your cake creations.


Recipe Vault

Unlock a treasure trove of delectable cake recipes with the Recipe Vault.

A collection of MY FAVOURITE, go-to receipes to impress your friends, family, and customers.


Private Community Support

Connect with a supportive network of like-minded cake enthusiasts in our private FB community.

Share your creations, seek advice, and celebrate your successes together.

Our community is a safe space where you can freely express your creativity and receive encouragement every step of the way.

I love the Cake Confidence Club. I love following the tutorials. Easy to follow step by step. Julie is very helpful if you have any questions or problems. .


As a stress head, I have found several aspects of the mindfulness section really useful. The breathing section brought me calm and the guided meditations I found helped me to relax.


“Cake Confidence Club is simply fabulous it has heaps of content/support which I am really enjoying.

Denise Malton

A small selection of the content that is already waiting for you in the Cake Confidence Club

IMMEDIATE access to these (and more) when you join


Create illusion style novelty cakes, packed with tips and techniques.

Learn how to support tall cakes with a simple, yet secure, internal structure


Build and use a more complex internal structure to create ‘Gravity Defying’ cakes to wow your customers or loved ones

Create realistic tree bark effect by hand (no need to buy moulds or texture mats), and choose to colour with an airbrush OR by dusting with petal dusts


Carved armchair cake, which can be adapted to other celebrations

Themed cakes with fondant figure cake toppers and hand modelled accessories


Learn to model cute jungle animals AND hand painted features

Work with sphere/ball shaped cake, to create this hand painted teapot cake


Each cake tutorial is broken down into bite-sized video tutorials, so you can access each one  individually, watching and re-watching as often as you like.

(As well as material/equipment lists, you also have details of paste weights for individual  parts of each model – making them easy to replicate).

(There are currently 19 full-length cake tutorials AND 6 cupcake tutorials – May 2024)



A range of Personal Development/Mindset tutorials, covering:

  • Confidence building and awareness
  • Stress awareness (includes breathing exercises)
  • Mindfulness (includes mindful activity ideas)
  • Meditation (includes Guided meditations to listen to)
  • Positive practices (includes using gratitude & affirmations)
  • Acheiving more balance in your life (using the Wheel of Life exercise)
  • How to make & break habits

Business tutorials

A growing library of business tutorials and resources


  • in-depth tutorial on pricing your cakes, including how to work out your costings, and what else to consider before deciding what to charge
  • ideal customer and marketing
  • business mindset tutorials to build your resilience for being a successful cake business owner

 IMMEDIATE ACCESS to ALL content when you join the Cake Confidence Club


Join now at this AMAZING PRICE


OR £270/$340 PER YEAR (get 2 month’s free)

Lock in this low price NOW – never pay more whilst you remain a member


(Choose to pay in £ or US$)


What is included with your membership package:

»  Monthly novelty cake decorating tutorial

»  Monthly mindset tutorial

»  Monthly mindfulness activity

»  Monthly guided meditation

»  Monthly business tutorial

»  Live monthly group Q&A Zoom session

»  Private Facebook group for community support

»  Weekly newsletter to keep you up to date

* Your payments will remain at this same low price, for as long as you stay a member

I’m really enjoying this membership, I have learnt so much. Not only have I learnt new skills for cake making but also skills on how to build my confidence, this has had a big impact on me. We were provided with a workbook which I found really useful and helped to keep me focused.
I now feel more confident to give new skills a go and keep practicing rather than getting frustrated if something doesn’t work.
I’m trying things I never thought I would have the confidence to do.
Thank you Julie for your time, your fab top tips, you knowledge and most of all for caring so much.

Kathy Eaton


Hello fellow cake decorator!

I’m Julie,

your Cake Confidence Coach™

Julie Rogerson

I know just how scary it can be in the world of cake decorating. The fear of making mistakes, the pressure to create something beautiful, and the constant comparison to others can really affect our confidence.

I started as a hobbyist, because I loved baking and had a passion for creating beautiful cakes that brought joy to others. But every time I sat down to decorate a cake, a voice of self-doubt crept into my mind. I questioned whether my skills were good enough and if people would like my designs.

One day, I decided enough was enough. I was tired of letting fear hold me back, so I embarked on a personal mission to boost my confidence and develop my skills as a cake decorator. 

Through my journey, I discovered that confidence is not something we are born with, but something we can cultivate with the right support and guidance – that’s when the idea for the Cake Confidence Club was born.

It is a safe space for hobby & business cake decorators, where you can learn new techniques, be inspired and be part of a supportive community that believes in your potential and wants to see you thrive.

So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your cake decorating business to the next level, the Cake Confidence Club is here to support you.

Together, we’ll conquer self-doubt, unleash your creativity, and build the confidence you need to create cakes that truly shine.

Got a question?

Here are some frequently asked questions, but if they don’t help, please get in touch and I will be happy to answer.

How do I access the tutorials?

The pre-recorded tutorials and the recordings of the Zoom Q&A sessions will be stored on a secure online learning platform for you to access at any time (as long as you are a current paying member).

You will have your own log in details to access the content on it’s own dedicated website – IT IS NOT ACCESSED VIA SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS.

Each cake tutorial is made up of short, bite-sized videos for easy access.

There are different sections of the learning platform, where the different tutorials are stored:

eg – all cake tutorials in one area, Zoom recordings in another, mindset in another etc, to make them easier to find.

Do I have lifetime access to the tutorials?

As this is a membership club, you will have access to the tutorials for as long as you are a paying member. If you cancel your membership, you will not be able to access the club content unless you re-join.

Will I receive 1:1 support from you?

1:1 support is not available within this membership.

You will have access to my support via 2 x group sessions per month, accessed via zoom – 1 is a Q&A session which is recorded, the other is a ‘social’ session, which is not recorded.

I will also provide some support in the private FB group, along with other members.

If you would like 1:1 support via a private session, this can be provided for an additional fee – please contact me for more information.

Is there a private Facebook group available?

Yes, members will be invited to join a private Facebook group for club members only.

This is optional, and no club content will be hosted in the group.

It will be a place to get to know other members of the club, support each other and share your work.

How will I know when a new tutorial is released in the club?

Club members will receive a weekly email, keeping them up to date of new tutorials, Zoom sessions etc.

Notifications will also be posted in the private FB group as a reminder.

What content is in the club already?

There are number of pre-recorded cake decorating, business and mindset tutorials currently available in the membership for immediate access when you join.

Full cake tutorials currently available (as of May 2024) – 19 full full cake tutorials AND 6 cupcake tutorials

PLUS a range of mindset tutorials, mindfulness activity tutorials and guided meditations.

You will also be able to watch previous Zoom Q&A sessions, which were recorded.

AND new content is added every month, which consists of 1 each of the following:

  • cake decorating tutorial (full project)
  • business tutorial 
  • mindset tutorial
  • mindful activity
  • guided meditation
  • recording of live Q&A session from Zoom

If you would like a current list of available tutorials in the membership, please get in touch and I will be happy to provide it for you.

Will the price increase?

The price may increase in the future, however:

If you join now, you will continue to pay this price for the duration of your membership – avoiding any future price increases.

Note – if you cancel your membership and then join again in the future, you will pay the price applicable at the point when you rejoin, which may be more than this current price.

Can I have a refund if I change my mind?

No, because this is digital content, which is available immediately after payment.

However, you can cancel your membership at any time, if you no longer wish to be a member.

You are NOT tied in to a minimum membership length.


Full details of how to cancel are available in the Club, for you to access at any time.

You can either cancel it yourself (instructions given to help you), or email me and I will sort it for you.

Payments already made will not be refunded, but no further payments will be taken for your membership subscription.

What if I have a different question?

If your question is not covered here, please do reach out to me, and I will be happy to answer.

Email julie@julierogerson.com

Julie explains everything in a down to earth, non-jargon way, making it easy to follow. As its all pre recorded you can go back over the bits you miss and pause to catch up. Really informative and there are hints and tips for every cake decorator. Thanks Julie

Victoria Macfarlane

The Cake Confidence Club is a safe and supportive community created to increase confidence in cake decorators.

When you join the Cake Confidence Club, you gain access to a wealth of resources and support.

There is a growing library of video tutorials, covering everything from basic techniques to advanced cake designs. We also have live Q&A sessions where you can personally interact with me and other experienced decorators, getting your burning questions answered and receiving valuable feedback on your work.

So, if you’re ready to embrace your inner cake artist, to let go of those doubts and insecurities, and to join a community that will lift you up and cheer you on, then I invite you to become a member of the Cake Confidence Club.

Together, we’ll discover the confidence within ourselves, creating beautiful and awe-inspiring cakes along the way.


Join now at this AMAZING PRICE


OR £270/$340 PER YEAR (get 2 month’s free)

Lock in this low price NOW – never pay more whilst you remain a member


(Choose to pay in £ or US$)


What is included with your membership package:

»  Monthly novelty cake decorating tutorial

»  Monthly mindset tutorial

»  Monthly mindfulness activity

»  Monthly guided meditation

»  Monthly business tutorial

»  Live monthly group Q&A Zoom session

»  Private Facebook group for community support

»  Weekly newsletter to keep you up to date

* Your payments will remain at this same low price, for as long as you stay a member

“Julie is an excellent teacher and makes learning fun as well.”

Rosemary Smith



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