Cake modelling tools – where do you even start?


When you first start making cake models, it can be so confusing!

You may be asking yourself …..

“What does each tool actually do?”

“Which do I need to buy?”


How do you know which cake modelling tools to buy?

There are so many different cake modelling tools on the market – how do you know which you will need and which will end up in the back of a drawer – never being used?


DON’T WORRY!! I am here to help you!

In this blog, I am sharing my Top 3 Cake Modelling Tools that I use for ALL of my cake models.


These 3 tools alone, will be enough to create many differenty types of models. 


So, grab a cup of tea (& perhaps a slice of cake?) and read on……


TOP TOOL 1 – The Dresden Tool


What can I say? This is the most fabulous cake tool – a tool that is used by pretty much EVERY cake decorator worldwide!


It is fabulous for creating texture, smoothing and blending seams and so much more besides.


I use it on pretty much EVERY SINGLE cake and model that I make, which is why it has topped my list of must have tools to have in your kit.


I recommend the PME Dresden tool (also known as Flower Leaf Shaper tool), as it is a good quality tool as well as being reasonably priced.

You can buy it on its’ own, or as part of a set of tools.

dresden tool - my favourite cake modelling tool

TOP TOOL 2 – Ball tool


As the name suggests, the ball tool has a ball shape at each end!


Perfect for indenting models when adding eyes, or other features.


Another tool that is used on pretty much all of my cake models.


You can get plastic and metal versions of the ball tools, in varying sizes. It is useful to have a couple of different sizes available to use if possible.

Ball tool

TOP TOOL 3 – Scalpel


A small, super sharp knife, like a scalpel (or a small craft knife) is another tool I couldn’t be without when making cake models.

It is such a handy tool, which helps you to make super sharp cuts in your paste, leaving you with a great finish.

TOP TIP – to make extra clean cuts in your paste, dip the blade into Trex (white vegetable fat) before cutting.

Disposable scalpel - a perfect cake modelling tool

And that, is that!


With just these 3 tools, you will be ready to start creating your very own cake models – just add a bit of patience, practise and some modelling paste of course!


Texturing hair
Creating eye sockets
Creating a mouth

In time, you may wish to add other specialist cake modelling tools if you find you need them, depending on the type of modelling work you want to do.


Cake Modelling by Julie Rogerson, Cake Confidence Coach

I really hope this has helped you.


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My first dog model
A more recent example

Just remember, don’t get disheartened if things aren’t working as you would like.

Take a break – get a cup of tea and look again with fresh eyes.

Cake modelling is a journey and you will have so much fun along the way!


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