Wish you knew how to make fabulous cake toppers?


Do you:

→  Secretly feel like your cake models aren’t good enough?

→  Worry that they look more like a 5-year-old made them?

→  Turn down cake orders, because you can’t make the models your customers want?

→  Feel tired of wasting too much time on YouTube?

Imagine how you would feel if YOU:

→  Had lots of confidence in making fabulous cake toppers

→  Knew how to make amazing animal and people models

→  Was able to be more organised and manage your time better

→  Had the skills to create cakes with a more professional finish


Well….  all of these things YOU CAN learn!

How do I know?  Because, a few years ago, I struggled with cake modelling AND confidence.

(you can read more about my journey further below)

This is why I developed my ‘Cake Modelling with Confidence’ course.

It includes teaching you my CAP method, enabling you to build BOTH confidence AND cake modelling skills.

Think of me as YOUR ‘Cake Confidence Coach’

I am here to share my techniques with you, helping YOU to build YOUR confidence and giving you a fast track to cake modelling success.


Cake modelling with confidence, does exactly that, teaches you transferrable modelling skills, the tools to create your own models and for me the mindset and practical advice have been invaluable. I have learnt a lot about myself during the course.

Julie’s teaching is clear and patient and the advice and support from Julie and the group is fantastic. Worth every penny.

Anne Hayes


Learn to make ALL of us (and more) on the Cake Modelling with Confidence course

Sorry, but the doors to my

Cake Modelling with Confidence online course

are closed right now, whilst I work with my current group of students.


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So, who am I ?

Hi, I’m Julie


Back in 2012, I made my very first modelled cake topper of a cute panda (or at least that is what it was meant to be).

My young daughter took one look at it and laughed.

At the time I laughed it off, but secretly I felt crushed!

I know she wasn’t trying to be mean (she was only a child), but that one comment really dented my confidence, and I almost gave up.

But instead, I decided to learn more about cake modelling.

Over the past decade, I have studied and practised, honing my modelling skills (and gaining confidence) until I got to where I am today – a cake modelling expert (& author), who also teaches cake confidence.

That is why I have developed this course – to teach you how to

design and create your own cake toppers with confidence

Don’t let anyone  hold you back  –  together, we can do this!

I’ve been making cakes for almost 11 years and run my own cake business. I really did wonder if the course would be for me but after really enjoying Julie’s Fabulous Faces challenge, I decided to give it a go.

I honestly can’t believe how much Julie has put into this course. I still have models I haven’t tried making yet and lots of great advice that really has made a difference to my business.

But most of all I really enjoyed our weekly zoom chats, lots of great tips and giggles shared with some wonderful people

Jemma Turner

Got a question?

Q. Is this a live online class?

A. No, this 6 week course is made up of pre-recorded videos, released in weeky modules. This gives you the opportunity for really detailed and structured learning, without distractions.

There will, however, be 6 x weekly live Zoom group q&A sessions with me, which are less structured, giving you opportunity to discuss any issues and ask any questions you may have.

Q. Can I access the whole course at the beginning?

The course is released 1 module per week, over a 6-week period, to create a workable pace for students.

There will also be a weekly Q&A session for the duration of the course.

Q. How do I watch the course content?

The pre-recorded videos and PDF downloads are all accessed through a dedicated, secure website.

The live Q&A sessions are recorded and available to watch on replay should you not be able to make them live.

Q. What if I need help/or don't understand something during the course?

A. There will be a live, group Q&A session with me each week, where you can ask questions about that week’s module.

I will also be available to answer questions in a private FB group (exclusive for paying members of this course only), or via email, for the duration of the course.

Q. Do you offer a refund?

A. I offer a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you change your mind for any reason, within 14 days of purchase, I will give you a full refund.

Q. What if my question isn't listed here?

A. If you have any other questions, please do get in touch, by emailing me at cakes@juliescakeinabox.co.uk and I will get back to you ASAP.

Q. Is there an opportunity for 1:1 training?

A. Not within this course , but I am happy to provide 1:1 training calls via Zoom at an additional cost.

If this is something you are interested in, please email me at cakes@juliescakeinabox.co.uk for more information

This is Fabulous course, I’ve learnt lots of new skills that are helping me with caking and life in general.

Lovely to be in touch with people who have caking in common and couldn’t have asked for a better tutor, thank you so much Julie look forward to joining you again in the future.

Denise Malton

I would highly recommend this course.

You learn so much in an easy informative way and the weekly catch up on zoom is excellent for asking any queries on anything you may clarification on.

Brilliant course.

Sharon Mason

Award winning cake modelling artist

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